This is the traditional opening of the season of the Cadet sailing competition in the Netherlands. And you are invited!
This is not your average Cadet race! This is one that asks for all your sailing knowledge and skills! We hope to welcome you at this coming three day Easter event starting the 20th of April.

The heart of “Holland” lake district hosts one of the most beautiful sailing locations in the Netherlands.

Just 30 minutes south of Amsterdam, north of the Hague, almost attached to the beautiful city of Leiden, you will find the “Kagerplassen”. Here water and wind separates the real sailors from the rest. Each change of wind, the course changes shape. Small “polders” with authentic Dutch windmills are decor to the sailing courses. The best fun and experience in Cadet sailing.

Download the invitation leaflet and registration form here.


registrationform Easter 2019.pdf

Notice of Race (aankondiging.pdf)

2019WB Pasen-1.pdf (SI)

2019-bk-pasen.pdf (course maps)



nr.     bootnr. Helm Crew
1 flag_of_BEL BEL 9575 Miguel Toro Briek Boone
2 flag_of_GBR GBR 8997 Matthias Brands Hannelore Cammaer
3 flag_of_BEL BEL 9839 Oliver Brands Joppe Pattyn
4 flag_of_BEL BEL 9369 Emma Vanhooff Leena de Blende
5 flag_of_BEL BEL 9836 Charlotte Mariën Elise van Oirbeek
6 flag_of_BEL BEL 8520 Emile Mariën Mathieu van Oirbeek
7 flag_of_BEL BEL 8404 Kobe Stroobandt Erazem Perko
8 flag_of_NED NED 9175 Merel Groeneweg Madee Verheul
9 flag_of_NED NED 8868 Wouter Groeneweg Bram van Goinga
10 flag_of_BEL BEL 9030 Astrid Vandaelen Willemijn Cammaer
11 flag_of_BEL BEL 8560 Jan Smet Jef van der Voort
12 flag_of_BEL BEL 8514 Loïc Schoonooghe Emilie Winand
13 flag_of_GBR GBR 9754 Helena Schoonooghe Ward Janssen
14 flag_of_BEL BEL 9965 Anouck de Ripainsel Maxim Bastens
15 flag_of_BEL BEL 8515 Tijmen Baars David Toro
16 flag_of_BEL BEL 9035 Oscar van Damme David Helm
17 flag_of_NED NED 9416 Lennart Braat Teun de Lange
18 flag_of_BEL BEL 9038 Isabelle Dompas Noah Gunst
19 flag_of_NED NED 10038 Pol Klein Bloeme Klein
20 flag_of_NED NED 9980 Tobias Teunissen Ties de Ruiter
21 flag_of_BEL BEL 10055 Thibaud Dirix Thomas Winand
22 flag_of_NED NED 9689 Benthe Marijnen Wiesje de Lange
23 flag_of_NED NED 8869 Meike Kegel Sara van Goinga
24 flag_of_NED NED 7608 Mart Kegel Tjalle Swen
25 flag_of_NED NED 9189 Sjuul Huuskes Hugo Schurink
26 flag_of_BEL BEL 7355 Engida den Hartigh Lore Stroobandt
27 flag_of_BEL BEL 9212 Ziva Perko Roshan Uppal
28 flag_of_NED NED 9417 Lieve Klein Barend Joosse
29 flag_of_NED NED 9019 Marie Bastens Aurelie Boven