Our website cadet.nl does place cookies on your computer. We are obliged to be transparent about this. We allow you to make a choice. Therefore we would like to explain a few things.

Functional cookies

Session cookies are placed ALLWAYS. These are necessary to respond to your navigation with the correct pages. A session stops when you stop it. Or rather, when you stop surfing the web.

A session cookie can be recognized by names such as "e86ce94e411074d6cd79581f48f703b8" and values ​​such as "ag5ok7v6l7a4v21lrm1rbj4s52". Not readable, but it simply randomly created. They disappear as they appeared.

If you have accepted cookies, one extra cookie will be placed that is required; "plg_system_eprivacy". This is stored when you have chosen to accept cookies that are not absolutely necessary such as those of facebook and windy.

Analytical cookies

Only if you allow that analysis cookies will be placed. These are from Google. We have "anonimize ip" enabled. Google can not do so much with your IP address.

Cookies from third parties

Third party cookies can be refused. You do not have to allow this to visit our site. But just a little explanation can not hurt.

Facebook uses its cookies for anything and everything. Also technical cookies, but also to target you, at any time, with content and advertising. And of course they do profiling. Facebook can tell more about it https://www.facebook.com/policies/cookies/

Windy only drops technical cookies. However, because no clear policy is published on their part, we only display the Windy app if you have given permission to place third-party cookies.