Explanation of most used abbreviations: BFD= Black Flag Disqualified; DNC= Did Not Compete; DNF= Did Not Finish; DNS= Did Not Start; DSQ= Disqualified; OCS= On Course Side; RAF= Retire After Finish; SCP= Scoring Penalty.

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rank     sailno name pts R1 R2 R3 R4 R5
1 flag_of_NED NED 10038 Lieve Klein, Levi Maes 2 dns dns dns 1 1
2 flag_of_NED NED 9815 Bram van Goinga, Gijs Jansen 5 dns dns dns 2 3
3 flag_of_NED NED 9227 Wouter Groeneweg, Luuk Boekhorst 6 dns dns dns 4 2
4 flag_of_NED NED 8869 Meike Kegel, Mylene van der Stelt 9 dns dns dns 3 dnf
5 flag_of_NED NED 9175 Madee Verheul, Bouke Schaap 12 dns dns dns dns dnf