If you think Covid didn't make things easy. Think Brexit next. All of the continental Europeans probably are breaking their heads on how to get to the UK and back with Cadets and RIBs without having to pay duties and taxes.
The Dutch Cadet Class Association is happy with parents who did put in some effort to find out and share. 

We all know Covid is changing a lot. European Championship in Riva.. cancelled. World Championship in Australia.. cancelled. A lot of national and local racing events... cancelled. Sometimes there was some luck... a tiny gap in all the intelligent lock downs made some events possible. We are very grateful. The people who organized these did a tremendous job. Thank you all.
We are looking forward to new racing events. We are looking forward to see you all again. As long as our government allows us to at least do our training sessions we do.
Keep training and keep planning your events. 

So do we. We are ready to race.

We wish you all a very happy 2022 and fair winds for coming season!
The calendar still to be completed but a lot of major events already are published.
United 4 sailing already published its Notice of Race for 2022.
We are very much looking forward to a year full of cadet racing.

Don't forget to register for United 4s and Dutch Youth Regatta. These are the top regattas to challenge yourself and your opponents in the Cadet. This is what we are training for!

Te ICCA EXCOM decided to go ahead with Riva.
The decision promissed May 21st, was finally taken 10 days later on May 31st.
For may of us this decision came to late. Cancellation due dates on accommodation bookings negotiated, expired.
Also considered where current and possible restrictions in various European countries. Are we allowed to travel, can we meet people in larger groups? Will this be a true holiday?

Not all teams that had the intent to go, will travel to Riva.
Teams that will enter and travel to Rive we wish all the luck, success and fair winds.